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Produce to the People (PttP) is a non-profit organization in San Francisco, dedicated to aiding the food security and health of our community through garden and food education, the creation of green jobs for youth, and the growth, harvest, and dispersal of organic backyard and community grown produce. We support the right of everyone in our community to have access to fresh, nourishing food and believe that empowering youth and adults to take part in their local food system can create change that will systemically improve the way we eat, and in turn our health and well being as a whole. We are especially focused on ensuring access to healthy food for underserved and low-income members of our community, and green jobs to youth with barriers to employment. We believe that we can only achieve food security through a collective effort, and we engage in many community partnerships with non-profits, businesses, schools and individuals to work together towards a more sustainable and healthy food system in San Francisco.

Produce to the People (PttP) is comprised of our Backyard Harvest Project, Community Gardens Project, and Youth Employment and Education Program. PttP’s Backyard Harvest Project collects excess produce from residential fruit trees and community gardens in San Francisco, and distributes the food to low-income families and individuals in our community through local food pantries, soup kitchens and single room occupancy hotels. Our Youth/Community Gardens Project partners with other local groups that have land and need help to actuate the garden design, development and maintenance of food producing community gardens and welcomes community members to take part in the gardening process, learn skills and receive harvested food in exchange, with the excess produce being distributed through free food programs. Our Youth Employment and Education Program creates green jobs and environmental education for high school students, harvesting backyard fruit, building and maintaining community gardens, growing vegetables, making compost, and learning about food justice, environmental stewardship and community organizing.


There are many ways you can support Produce to the People:

Share your bounty:
If you live in San Francisco and have a garden that produces more fruits and veggies than you can eat, please click here to register your garden or fruit trees for harvest.

We also harvest from SFUSD gardens (especially over the summer when school is out) and community gardens, if you happen to be an affiliate of one of these and would like to participate, please contact us via email.

Tell your friends:
Our best publicity is word of mouth by people in the community. Chat with your neighbors and friends that may have excess produce or be interested in the work we do. If you're a wanderer, we'd be happy to give you flyers if you feel comfortable leaving them on doorsteps where you can see fruit trees.

Join our newsletter:
You'll get periodic updates about major happenings with Produce to the People. Don't worry, we don't sweat the small stuff, so we won't bother you with it either! Please click here to join our email newsletter.

Come to an event:
You can check our news and events blog for upcoming distribution dates and locations, community work days, fundraisers and other events where Produce to the People will be hosting or participating.

Make a donation:
In the large scheme of things, our operating budget is pretty small, so every little bit really does count. We accept donations via our fiscal sponsor, San Francisco Parks Alliance. Please visit our donation page for more information.

Produce to the People is proud to be a Park Partner of the San Francisco Parks Alliance. For more information about San Francisco Parks Alliance, please visit